Privacidade. Privatsphäre. 隱私. Privaatheid. Privacy.

18 Jul 2013 by Linda Yang

The past couple of months has brought a lot of attention to a topic that we care a lot about here at AeroFS: data privacy.

One of the reasons we started AeroFS was to give people a way to share files that is as seamless and easy to use as existing solutions, yet offers more privacy. Your files never sit on our servers; they are shared only between the devices and people you designate, and all file transfers take place over secured connections.

And since we have a very international team working on AeroFS, we’ve been gratified to see that we are creating something that people all across the globe are looking for. In the past couple of months alone we’ve gotten signups from 117 countries and six continents— that’s 60% of the countries in the world. The response has been incredible, and it’s growing every day.

So to everyone who is coming along with us on this journey, and everyone who has been giving us feedback and helping us make our product even stronger: Thanks, Danke, and Obrigado. We’re excited to be part of the solution!